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WORLDPAC - Training Institute

WTI Smart Groups

As a shop owner and business person:


  • Who do you talk to about all the decisions that need to be made?

  • Who do you get ideas from?

  • How do you compare to other service centers in the industry?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a group of people facing the same challenges you do, that you can talk to about how to improve your business?

Well you can.  WORLDPAC co-sponsors groups that meet via conference call on a monthly basis, and in person for two days 4-5 times per year.  Better yet, each group is led by a professional facilitator with years of experience in your business.  These groups offer improved financial understanding, training, facility inspections, and get you on track and keep you going forward.

These groups offer:

  1. Improved financial understanding and measurement

  2. Most current training

  3. Group facility evaluations

  4. Improve productivity

  5. Employee Management

  6. Marketing

  7. Improved labor profits

  8. Improved parts profits

Current Groups

  • Pacific NW

  • Northern California

  • Southern California

  • Colorado

  • SouthEast

  • NorthEast

Apply Today

* No in person meetings, only composite and discussion via web conference

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