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WORLDPAC offers a wide variety of services and solutions to assist customers in managing and building more profitable business's. At WORLDPAC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support in the industry, whether it be in our Products, or services such as Training, our speedDIAL software, or Shop Marketing.

Multiple Same-Day Delivery to Your Shop

Our vast company owned fleet of vehicles and drivers provide multiple same-day deliveries to most major metro areas. This timely and consistent service has resulted in our customers increasing technician productivity while decreasing their inventory levels. The benefit of this personal service is increased revenue and decreased expenditures.

On the leading edge of technology, our Electronic Delivery Verification System assures you prompt and accurate order fulfillment.

  • Paperless delivery

  • Increased order accuracy

  • Provide estimated delivery times

  • Digitally store proof of delivery

  • Real-time Account Receivable updates

  • Available now in select locations


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WORLDPAC Training Institute

The WORLDPAC Training Institute curriculum specifically addresses the three primary areas of running a successful business:

Technical Training: Advanced car line specific training to help technicians successfully diagnose and repair late model import vehicles

Business Development: Seminars cover practical automotive business management topics including Financial and Marketing subjects

SMART Groups: For business owners committed to increasing their bottom line by tracking the prime indicators measuring business performance

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speedDIAL - On-line Catalog and Fulfillment System

WORLDPAC’s free on-line catalog and fulfillment ordering system is the most widely used and advanced program in our industry. Use speedDIAL to instantly find and order parts, performance items, and general purpose automotive products. speedDIAL also supports integration with the leading Shop Management Software allowing for quick and accurate estimates, and you can also customize it to suit your needs.

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Serving Professional Independent Service Centers since 1969

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