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WORLDPAC - Institut de Formation

Paul Rubert

WTI Classes

  • Mini Engine Management

  • BMW/Mini Braking Systems and Traction Control

  • BMW/Mini Intro ClassBMW/Mini Intro Class

  • BMW/Mini Infotainment

  • BMW Convertible Tops

Professional Background

  • Shop foreman @ largest service department MINI dealer

  • Certified hybrid diagnostic and EV system technician


  • PHEV Certified repair and diagnosis

  • MINI Master Certified +10Yrs

  • ASE certified

  • MINI STEP Graduate

Professional Accomplishments

I started a career as biology major in a major accredited university in Puerto Rico, where I also participated as a mentor to other students. I changed my mind and decided to change careers, turning a hobby and love of cars into a full time career. Fascinated with BMW and MINI from the early generations of E30’s, E36’s and MINI’s simple systems that where very effective. I Moved From Puerto Rico to the USA to attend Universal Technical Institute where I achieved the Honor roll. I was approached to participate in the first MINI STEP training program in Miami. I accepted and started working, where I really fell in love with working on cars but as usual, I liked moving and learning so I moved to Los Angeles. There I was selected to participate as a Lead Tech for the MINI E (electric only) program that BMW had set up. I learned a lot about these electric vehicles and the new technology that came with it. Now in the Bay Area, I was promoted foreman of the Largest MINI dealer service department where I have gained a wealth of information


Bilingual Spanish/English written and spoken

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Formateur - Programme de Formation Technique, WORLDPAC, Inc.

Liens Utiles

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